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Posted on: March 23, 2008 10:09 am

Let's play 20 questions...with AV and YOU

A recent blog talked about the new game show where they ask you embarassing questions while you are hooked up to a lie detector machine.  The more questions you answer correctly the more money you win.  I enjoyed "E's" blog and wanted to build on it with you minions out there. 

The Rules:

  1. Answer any question previously posted in the blog HONESTLY (I am the Lady of Blind Justice and will also be executioner)
  2. Provided you followed Rule 1, you now get to ask another Yes-No question.   
  3. You must answer your own question and provide circumstances.
  4. I will answer your question honestly and so can anyone else so that they may ask a question.
  5. Good taste prevails always.  Edit yourselves so I don't have to.

The first question:

Have you ever lied to a member of the opposite sex to avoid going out on a date with them?

Yes.  On many occasions I am afraid.  Mostly the cocky ego laden boys who think they are Gods gift to women and treat me like a conquest.   I have been brutally honest with these guys before, but the drama that ensues is not worth the pleasure, fragile egos crumble into a million pieces. Invariably I am called a bad name.   So I lie to them and tell them I am a lesbian or that I want to get married and have babies or some other terrible story to make them flee.  I like to see if I can get them to leave skid marks.  I know, I am terrible!!

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