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Posted on: September 25, 2008 8:17 pm

Why do female posters leave this board???

My recent private message from SCPBcousin2:

hi there! You are such a pretty women and I've noticed how you are outspoken. are you into huge cocks? I've been with a ton of women and they never comment on how the quality of my sex is because they'd arther talk mabout the quantity,lol.. I'm a huge 9 3/4  and very thick. do you like em' huge or quality is what you prefer

So men folk of the board.  The good ones who are decent and understanding, respectful of women.  This is why females do not hang around this board for long and the reason I have been gone for so long.  I am sick of losers like SCPB dropping PMs on me, I warn them, and CBS does nothing. 

I may see you again in a few months......



I'm 48 and can ball all day long.. love doggie style  and can pound nice and hard

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