Posted on: March 7, 2008 10:08 pm

Seed me tenth....the best possible seed.

If you get to choose your seed and it cannot be a #1 Seed, give me the 10th seed.  After all, you get to play a cocky 7th seed and if you win that, you get to become cinderella and beat a number 2 seed.  Always happens in every Madness or so it seems.  After that the table is set to make it to the Great 8 and maybe the final four.  There is no better path for a higher seed.

Then again the 13th seed has the luxury of dusting off an over rated 4 seed.  Most likely a name recognition school that has been propped up all season in the rankings.  They are ripe for the picking for David looking to show he isn't scared of overly large people with a weakness for rocks (David and Goliath reference). At worst you play a 5 seed or maybe a 12 seed.  Now that set's the table.

Who really wants to be seeded high....only one way to go...down....seems it always happens.

That's my viewpoint on the Big Sock Hop (Dance).

Love to dance........

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