Posted on: January 26, 2008 10:36 pm

My Blind Date was ......

the worst yet.  This guy didn't bother to bathe today. Chewed with his mouth open. I swear he picked his nose at least 8 times during dinner.  Excuse yourself for crying out loud and go launch one in the men's room.  What on earth was my friend thinking?  Then he talked about  himself for 2 hours, I couldn't get a word in anywhere.  Bragged about this.  Bragged about that. And either the old man at the next table had gas or it was my date.  I kept looking around for the hidden camera, but sadly no Ashton Kutcher jumped out to spring the joke.   Home by 9 on a Saturday.....

That's it.  I am swearing off dating until spring. Or until Tom Brady dumps his models. 

Add Dodd is spiraling to irrelevance.

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