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Posted on: April 18, 2008 9:30 pm

If you had superpowers what would you use them 4?

Good or evil?  And if you got to choose your power what would it be? I am sure some of you have heard of Shirtless Girl (Bob and Tom) who uses her mondo tatas to fight crime for the citizens. Apparently by merely showing her bare breasts would be criminals are unable to even run away rendering them impotent (well maybe not impotent) but unable to run away none the less.  I was trying think what would I want my power to be if I was "super".  And furthermore what would my super name be?

So I ask you, citizens...would I be good or evil? what would my power(s) be? what would my name be? 

Would I have a sidekick?

I await your responses...


(BTW ......in the words of Fast Eddie...."I'm back!")

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