Posted on: January 31, 2008 8:17 am

Weather genius or gopher with a good gig?

Punxatauney Phil or however you spell it will be pulled from his (or is it a her) hole to see or not see his or her shadow on Saturday.  But I am here to probe the deeper question, how many times has PP been right in his or her predictions.  After some careful research by some NASA scientists wearing mission diapers, the answer may shock you.  Phil has always been accurate, in fact he or she is 100% accurate.  But the secret to his or her success is not through some divine intervention or a sentient quality never before seen in a rodent.  Not at all, I am  here to tell you the true Hollywood story so to speak.  PP has no 6th sense finely tune to predicting the weather.  Oh no, he does not have access to the weather satellites or even the spy sats we don't know about.  Nope,  PP has a calendar.  Julian to be exact and he or she always bets on the house.  So I say to you, is PP really a bionic, transgenic, electronically integrated government experiment?  Or can he or she just read a calendar?  And a gopher that can read is still pretty amazing, don't you think?
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