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Posted on: February 10, 2008 5:05 pm

Jack Frost has never seen cleavage....for certain

Returned from Mexico to -4 degrees.  Back beneath the wool for another eternity, at least until the spring comes...in June or is it July this year. I am certain Jack Frost has never ogled a glimps of a womans essence because there just aren't any ladies out there brave enough, strike that, crazy enough to show anything below the neck.  I am not even showing my earlobes right now!! 

Thank goodness my friendly neighbor plowed my driveway,  the pile is 6 feet high on both sides.  No way the truck was going to make it in there, my guess was 3 feet in the low spot.

So back to my thought, I go to Mex on business and stretch it out into a minivacation in Cancun area.  Had a great time.  Got some sun on some places sorely in need.  Got the batteries charged up.  Bought a new bikini, a new dancing dress, and a new pair of sandals, but now I am back in the Suck, wearing boots, a wool turtleneck, a down coat, gloves, ear muffs - what the hell is sexy about that??  Nothing....

I offer that Jack Frost is either homosexual or maybe he is Rob in Tally...my new posting buddy....because there is no way Jack F.  gets any arousal from what I am wearing now or in Rob's case, just because I am a woman and he is not into that.

Final thought...

Electile Dysfunction  - Failure to become aroused by any candidate put forth by any political party.

Love All Ya'll (not you Rob in Tally)


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