Posted on: February 10, 2008 5:05 pm

Jack Frost has never seen cleavage....for certain

Returned from Mexico to -4 degrees.  Back beneath the wool for another eternity, at least until the spring comes...in June or is it July this year. I am certain Jack Frost has never ogled a glimps of a womans essence because there just aren't any ladies out there brave enough, strike that, crazy enough to show anything below the neck.  I am not even showing my earlobes right now!! 

Thank goodness my friendly neighbor plowed my driveway,  the pile is 6 feet high on both sides.  No way the truck was going to make it in there, my guess was 3 feet in the low spot.

So back to my thought, I go to Mex on business and stretch it out into a minivacation in Cancun area.  Had a great time.  Got some sun on some places sorely in need.  Got the batteries charged up.  Bought a new bikini, a new dancing dress, and a new pair of sandals, but now I am back in the Suck, wearing boots, a wool turtleneck, a down coat, gloves, ear muffs - what the hell is sexy about that??  Nothing....

I offer that Jack Frost is either homosexual or maybe he is Rob in Tally...my new posting buddy....because there is no way Jack F.  gets any arousal from what I am wearing now or in Rob's case, just because I am a woman and he is not into that.

Final thought...

Electile Dysfunction  - Failure to become aroused by any candidate put forth by any political party.

Love All Ya'll (not you Rob in Tally)


Posted on: January 31, 2008 8:17 am

Weather genius or gopher with a good gig?

Punxatauney Phil or however you spell it will be pulled from his (or is it a her) hole to see or not see his or her shadow on Saturday.  But I am here to probe the deeper question, how many times has PP been right in his or her predictions.  After some careful research by some NASA scientists wearing mission diapers, the answer may shock you.  Phil has always been accurate, in fact he or she is 100% accurate.  But the secret to his or her success is not through some divine intervention or a sentient quality never before seen in a rodent.  Not at all, I am  here to tell you the true Hollywood story so to speak.  PP has no 6th sense finely tune to predicting the weather.  Oh no, he does not have access to the weather satellites or even the spy sats we don't know about.  Nope,  PP has a calendar.  Julian to be exact and he or she always bets on the house.  So I say to you, is PP really a bionic, transgenic, electronically integrated government experiment?  Or can he or she just read a calendar?  And a gopher that can read is still pretty amazing, don't you think?
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