Posted on: November 15, 2008 10:57 am

Say yes to plastic parts....

I am whole again.  It is amazing how much better I feel to be a woman in shape in addition to mind and soul.  I can't describe it.  I thought I might feel shallow for doing it.  Or strange for whatever reason.  So many thoughts go through your mind when the doctor tells you you have cancer.  You suffer through so much pain, mental and physical.  You want to pull back from your friends and hide.  I have lost weight, my hair, and my outward beauty.  But now I am healthy, cancer free, back to my playing weight, and I have had my final surgery (I hope).  I am happier than I have ever been in my life.  I have met my soul mate in this terrible process and we plan on marrying in the spring.

For all the kind words on this board I must again say thank you.  For the negatives words - I forgive you, for what its worth.

For those just dying to ask....  small C.  Looks right with my height and the restructure of my breast.

For those of you who may be going through something like I went through, or know someone, take comfort that it will pass and you can get better.  Much better.


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