Posted on: February 24, 2008 9:29 am

Hugely Disapointed - Where's the beef???

For those that don't know the story I will refresh.  Please gather round and get comfortable.  It was the best of times.  It was the worst of times. 

The wonderful menfolk of the CBS sports thread family have for as long as I have been apart of it tried to outdo each other with a sexy woman posing in an avatar.  Some are classy beauty and sexuality, others are tawdry, sweat generators.  These were the best of times.

Along comes Dookisevil and Yankeechic asking for equal billing to show some manflesh.  Tsk tsk.  Sorry ladies this is an ethical breech. The ladies openly revolt.  Up goes Brady Anderson, Johnny Damon, and other male models.  The ladies get called out.  The worst of times.  I took down my avatars to show solidarity with my ladies and replaced it with an ugly fish.  Suddenly, no one wants to chat with Amerigo anymore.  When I do get to chat I get requests to put up the old av.  Or, my favorite, was for a bikini shot of me in a size too small suit.  Nice image.  I am going to let that sink in a moment.....................you
still with me?    So I thought, "OK, let's give 'em what they want."  I happen to have modeled a swim suit a few years ago so I had the goods to show.  But nothing in this world is free.  No free lunches. Quid pro quo.  My pic has been up for 1 day.  No one has been man enough to show the goods despite being called out by name.

I have a simple request.  I've shown mine, you show me yours.  The avatar must be of yourself.  Taken showing you wearing a tight garment (blue speedo, thong, titey whitey).  Boxers will not be accepted.  The pic must have your head cropped out.  The pic must be taken in front of your computer screen with the CBS home page clearly visible in the shot.

The ladies on the thread will be the judges for the following awards:

  1. Best nanner hammock
  2. Best tool shed
  3. Best 6 pack
  4. Best keg
  5. Best shag carpet
  6. Best pectoral display
  7. Best guns
  8. Best in show

The avatar must be visible on this thread Friday nite, Leap Day, at 8 pm EST and remain up for 1 hour.  You guys don't have any problem with your pic staying up that long do you?   Good.  Cash prizes will be awarded.  And remember....we are playing for almost twenty dollars here so try to remain good sports.

The US Senate reserves the right to subject the winners to a hearing to make sure no performance enhancing drugs were used in the competition.

Now the question -  Is it the best or worst of times?  Ladies?

Failure to have any participants will bring back the ugly fish avatar for eternity.


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