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Posted on: March 12, 2008 7:03 pm

Guilty Pleasures Two - Come (Clean) Again, Boys

When I have had a man around the house I must admit I have put on his button down shirt when he was not home.  It smelled wonderful and made me think devilishly about previous events.  Later when he came home I modeled it for him.  Ofcourse I never buttoned it all the way up, letting the top edge of a lacy bra peek out here and there.  They have all loved it and I have to admit I found it sexy and a turn on.  Just writing this now ... mmmm...... or is it a purrrr?  I have to admit to even wearing my man's boxers, though they were a little loose, and those were sexy too.  So as I thought about it and how sexy I found it to be, it occurred to me that men may get the same guilty pleasure if the shoe were on the other foot, so to speak.

You remember.  You're alone.  No one is coming home for hours. There it is at the foot of the bed.  It is calling to you.  Remember last night.  Yeah, you remember.  A quick touch.  Soft.  Almost still warm.  Shiny and smooth. Glance around.  You are alone, I assure you.  Go ahead, touch it again. It is only a bra.  Silky and lacy. You pick it up.  You fondly fondle it.  How silly I must look? No, no you don't.  Go ahead. You hold it up.

Now for the question.  Have you ever put it on?  Maybe not hooked it, after all 34 inches is way too small to go around your chest.  But have you put your arms through the straps?  How did you feel?  Sexy or silly.  It was only you alone with her bra...it won't tell.

Now that was alone time....have you ever modeled your ladies garmets for her?  This is what I want to know.  How does a man look in a teddy or bustier....  I am not talking about trannies or other perversions....just married or committed couples getting crazy in the privacy of their own bedrooms.   I have been to Brazil and seen a thong on a man at the beach - not attractive at all. 

Please make yourselves comfortable on the couch....

The Doctor is in.


Posted on: February 11, 2008 10:53 pm

A trip to Victoria's Secret 3 nights before V-day

Tonight was a true study of a man out of his element, sports fans.  As an amatuer people watcher, tonight was special.  Now I went to this particular establishment to purchase a couple of new undergarments for myself as mine were beginning to show some wear and tear but that is another story (only told in the dirty little fantasies of my minions out there.)  Back to the story...what a funny situation to behold, men, men, everywhere, and only pretty women to help them out. 

"Good evening sir, may I help you?"  "Ahhh...yeah...I....ah....welll
."   "Is it a Valentine's gift?" she asked like a seer of his thoughts.  He manages to nod. Clearly he is uncomfortable (understatement!!).  Being the pro the young saleslady is, she asks the next questions. "Wife/girlfriend? What do you have in mind (dangerous question to men in a lingerie store - mind you) ?   Do you know her size?  Is she big like me?  Small like her? What about through here?"   And on she goes and the poor guy can only grunt and nod or shake his head (above the shoulders, stay with me here boys).  He is really trying to not look at the women, the frilly lacey things, and certainly not out into the mall.  "God, I hope no one I know sees me in here!"  "Is there a particular color you are looking for?  Black? White? Red?" Again he nods.  "How about the matching thongs?" Cha-ching.  With his heart pumping at a high rate his brain (above the shoulders) is swamped with too many decisions.  Information overload.  He takes them all.  She asks if he would like it wrapped.  Not sure what she meant. She shows him the wrapping paper.  He stammers a yes.  It cost him almost $150 for this little forray into no MANs land. 

On his way by me I could not resist piling on.  Holding up a sexy little red teddy I asked, "Do you think I would look hot in this?"

He grunted something and hightailed it out the door.  The sales lady who had served him burst out in laughter saying she had always wanted to do that. 

Be brave boys and keep you head up high (above the shoulders, again).  You can do this.  Besides the lingerie is for you, silly!

What did I get? I put the teddy back and got the flannel nightgowns I had come for....welcome to the upper midwest  boys.  Nothing sexier than flannel.

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